Our Objectives

Our main objectives is to provide and supply manpower forces to the different countries as per the requirement of the employing organizations with providing qualitative service and maximum satisfaction. The major objectives we have laid down are:

1. Recruit Supply the manpower required by employing organization throughout the world.
2. To explore market potential for a huge number of unemployed Nepalese youth.
3. Provide manpower related information to employing organizations.
4. Provide different categories of manpower on demand.
5. Supply of competent and disciplined youth as per the company’s demand.
6. Promote Nepalese manpower around the world.
7. Scrutiny applications for interest to work abroad.
8. Orient the manpower.
9. Avail specified services.
10. Liaise between employer and employee.
11. Cooperate the employees’ family in need.


Kedar Bajagain

Chairman, Success Nepal World Wide Pvt. Ltd

Message from Chairman

I am delighted to introduce Successnepal Worldwide Recruiting Agency Pvt. Ltd. which is a trusted and faithful name in the field of overseas employment of manpower and human resources. The company runs an efficient network throughout Nepal and capable of recruiting personnel to fulfill the requirement of our valuable overseas Client. Nepal is blessed with abundance of manpower and is in search of exporting its manpower to other countries. Nepal has earned reputation, good name and fame of producing workers who are very dedicated, loyal, honest and hardworking and able to get the satisfaction of their employer in their respective field. Successnepal Worldwide Recruiting Agency Pvt. Ltd.  is capable of fulfilling the requirement of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for present world labor market within soonest time that is required by any employer.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that, you will find  Successnepal Worldwide Recruiting Agency Pvt. Ltd. as the best recruiting agent in Nepal whenever you need a qualified and experienced work force for your project. It will be highly appreciable if you please allow us an opportunity to establish a business relationship with your esteemed organisation. We are cordially inviting you to see our capability to serve you the best by supplying manpower from Nepal.

Successnepal Worldwide Recruiting Agency Pvt. Ltd.  Thrives for excellence and value while delivering service to our valuable clients. Professional attitude, skilled human resources, and strong client base are our motivation towards achieving success in business. We seek to become one of the market leaders in the Middle-East and other developed countries by providing high quality human resource solution to our clients.



Message from Managing Director

We are feeling pleasure introducing our organization Successnepal World Wide  Recruiting Agency  [P] LTD. as a Manpower requirement agent of the nation, and feel much privileged to reach to you through this company profile. This moment is exactly what we were aspiring for. On this very auspicious occasion of introducing ourselves as a company, we, on behalf of board of directors and staffs, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all the well wishers or affiliated individuals and institutions for all the kind and support.

Successnepal World Wide  Recruiting Agency  [P] LTD. is conceived and planned by its executive team having expertise and experiences of more then ten years in supplying the Nepali workers and human resources of various categories ranking in four parts as professionals, skilled technicians, semi-skilled to unskilled human resource particularly in the field of engineering, building construction and contracting ,office personnel management, transportation, hotels and catering staffs, hospitals, garments and  textile and many more . We can supply quality people as required by employer and our placement would be much sincere,honest, dutiful, obedient, disciplined and physically also capable enough. We would like to assure our foreign employer colleagues that all the workers provided to you work as per your direction subject to the agreement or contract paper made before their recruitment affirmed. 

You may please feel free to contact us at any time for further information regarding recruitment of Nepalese man power. As our clients as our most valuable asset we remain at your best service. So if you are in need of manpower recruitment from Nepal, feel easy & love to contact us and let us be at your service. We will do our best to make you satisfied. We hereby want to assure you the quality service and better cooperation in future and look forward to your kind response. 
Thanking you,

 Hari Chandra Singh

Managing Director, Success Nepal World Wide Pvt. Ltd

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